History of The Diplomatic Archives

The Archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs contains documents of our departments and missions as well as the documents of other institutions addressed to the MFA since 1919.

The Diplomatic Archives were preserved in the former building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kızılay, before and after the Ministry moved to its current premises in Balgat in 1987.

In 2000, a Protocol was signed with the Directorate General of State Archives. MFA experts were employed at the Archive Department that was formed, as the archives were moved to the premises of the State Archives in Yenimahalle.

The Archives, hosted by the State Archives between 2001-2013, were moved to the current Archive building of the Ministry located in Çiğdem district and put into service in 2012, within a process spanning over 5 months. Old archives of the departments of the Ministry are being preserved in our building. Old archives of our missions abroad are also transferred to the Archive Building to the extent possible.

The Archives of our Ministry has been included, along with other institutions, in the scope of the Presidential Decree No. 11 dated 16 July 2018, within the framework of the Presidential system of Government. In line with the new regulations prepared by the State Archives of the Presidency of the Republic of Türkiye, our diplomatic archives have been integrated with the “Document Search System for Researchers” and “State Archives Network”, aiming at connecting the archives of all governmental bodies through a centralized system.