Diplomatic Archives of our Ministry, dating back to the State Archives established during the Ottoman Empire in 1846, sheds light on the recent political history through correspondences of Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, one of the leading schools in diplomacy in the world.

As we believe that our state and diplomacy tradition has left a unique legacy upon which we can build the future, we are working towards taking our Archives to its well-deserved place worldwide.

To this end, archive building in Ankara/Çiğdem district is specifically designed in contemporary standards and has been put into service.

We aim to provide fast, safe and easy access to Diplomatic Archives by the “Archive Automation Project” enabling the use of advanced technology for digitization of valuable documents.

Thus, on one hand we ultimately ensure the transfer of documents to the State Archives of the Presidency of Republic of Türkiye. On the other hand, we pass our treasured archive which constitutes our national diplomatic memory on to future generations.

The Department of Diplomatic Archives also publishes chronological and thematic “Diplomatic Archive Publications”, which are accessible on the said Department’s website and serve as a reference for academia.

In 2023, as we are celebrating the 500th anniversary of laying the foundations of Turkish Foreign Ministry, we are pleased that the studies conducted using public resources of Diplomatic Archives will contribute to objective evaluation of the recent history.

I hereby invite all researchers from our country as well as foreign researchers, to make use of the public documents of the Diplomatic Archives.

I would like to thank my colleagues for their endeavors in preserving and taking forward our diplomatic heritage within an institutional framework. Taking this opportunity, I respectfully commemorate our courageous diplomats, fore and foremost our martyrs, who took their place in the history of the foreign service of the Republic of Türkiye.




  Minister of Foreign Affairs