Archives of Turkey

  1. Directorate of State Archives

  2. Presidential Archives

  3. Archives of the Chief of Staff (ATASE)


  5. Archives of the Ministry of Interior

  6. Archives of the Ministry of Defense

  7. Archives of Land Registry dairesi-baskanligi

  8. Archives of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey

  9. Archives of the Directorate General of Foundationsıf-işlemleri/vakıf-kayıtları-arşivi/vakfiye-arşivi



Archives of the World

  1. Australia-National Archives (Canberra)

  2. Austria-State Archives (Vienna)

  3. Brazil-Arquivo Nacional (Rio de Janeiro)

  4. Canada-National Archives (Ottawa)

  5. France-Archives Nationales(Paris)

  6. Germany

  7. India-National Archives (New Delhi)

  8. Indonesia-National Archives (Jakarta)

  9. Japan-National Archives (Tokyo)

  10. Netherlands-Nationaal Archief (The Hague)

  11. Turkey-National Archives (Ankara)

  12. United Kingdom-National Archives

  13. USA-National Archives and Records Administration (Washington DC)

  14. Japan-National Archives

  15. Republic of Korea-Government Archives and Records Service (Seoul)

  16. Greece-State Archives

  17. Russia-State Archives

  18. Bulgaristan-State

  19. Israel-Central Archives fort he History of the Jewish People (Jerusalem)

  20. Vatican-Archivio segreto Vaticano

  21. Republic of China-State Archives

  22. Bosnia and Herzegovina

  23. Qatar-Dijital Library

  24. Qatar-National Library